Letters to BoyZ Podcast

RESPECT HER - Episode 05(Season 01)

April 10, 2020 Hosts: @sylvia.kings & @femibakes Season 1 Episode 5
Letters to BoyZ Podcast
RESPECT HER - Episode 05(Season 01)
Show Notes

You most likely have been among your guys gossiping — shocker, guys gossip too😔— about how Tunde finally got a taste of that hard-to-get y*sh he'd been working on for weeks. He can't even remember her name🤷. The guys roar their approval with a reckless laughter that reeks of masculine immaturity only to dumb down to wolf-like whistles and more remarks of wait for it, "o boy, see that babe"🤦 as another girl walks shyly and swiftly away from your animalistic calls.

But hold that thought... Imagine your close friend or your girlfriend being that y**sh. Then you see you no get babe and you be player...

You've got a mother. You've probably got sisters too. Imagine that. If that's not enough reason for you, then listen in on why you should grow the hell up and quit catcalling...

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