Letters to BoyZ Podcast

BROKEN - Episode 10 (Season 2)

January 28, 2022 Femi Bakes Season 2 Episode 10
Letters to BoyZ Podcast
BROKEN - Episode 10 (Season 2)
Show Notes

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Yes you might have built up resentment, but what is the way forward? How can we forge ahead to mend this broken relationship with our fathers. Listen to @femibakes @seunshobo @feranmi_lee and @all.oba all share the type of relationships they have with their fathers...

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@seunshobo (Founder of the @voiceoveracad, @voiceoverdrill, @thevoiceoverbank)

@Feranmi_lee (Realtor and Mediapreneur)

@all.oba (Youtuber, Content creator and Crypto Investor)

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